Welcome at L'Esprit Couvent

BVL2014 small webThe L’Esprit Couvent winery perfectly encapsulates our vision of doing business.

It embodies our resolve to grow and reflects our inherent desire to combine efficiency and quality with innovation and creativity.

The roots of L’Esprit Couvent are firmly embedded in the breathtaking landscape of the Bordeaux region. This is where we work the land and where we find our inspiration for excellence.

L’Esprit Couvent embraces more than just viticulture and the wine trade. It is also a concept that extends to related projects and collaborative activities, such as consultancy services for vineyard management, bespoke marketing and communication, networking and expert advice.

Technical fact sheets for each of our L’Esprit Couvent wines, innovative QR codes, news updates and interesting features are provided for your enjoyment and convenience. All the more reason in fact to visit our website on a regular basis.

Kris Couvent

L'Esprit Couvent